Earth Walk Medicine is located in a contemporary Hogan on the beautiful Hondo Mesa twenty minutes north of Taos, New Mexico. With views of the Rio Grandé Gorge cliffs, the Sangré de Cristo mountain range, and infinite landscapes of sage and piñon in between, this is a place where sunrises and sunsets are savory to the eyes, and double rainbows envelope us with their grander. Here, Horse People talk and play, Crow People sing and dance, and the Plant People find ease in the purity of existence. Cradled by Father Sky and Mother Earth, you can feel the spiritual connection welcoming you as the blessings of the compassionate spirits pour out upon you on arrival.

Reverend Shaman Sandra Chestnutt established Earth Walk Medicine in 2008 after 10 years of successfully helping people alleviate spiritual illnesses with the mystical techniques of shamanic healing initially passed on to her through traditional teachings of a Lakota Medicine Woman and an American-Tibetan Shamanic Priest.

Experiencing many challenges in recent times of keeping up with the growing needs of her clients, Sandra sought legitimate colleagues to share her practice with but failed to find anyone with integrity. That's when it became clear for her to develop an Apprenticeship program to pass on her specific medicine ways to others who could walk in her footsteps. In turn, her first graduate, Shandra Parkin, is that person of integrity she so long searched for. 

"I'm so excited to introduce Shandra into my practice. She brings a depth to this work not only carrying forward my medicine teachings, but integrating them into her own shamanic pathway deeply rooted through the many initiations she has endured to walk this blessing way. It is her lifeway to do this work. I am honored to have her as my colleague."

Earth Walk Medicine now accomodates ceremonies 7 days a week including evening appointments.