Apprenticeship Program for Shamanic Initiations and Pathways 
The Third Apprenticeship Program is now open for registration. Starts March 2019. email for info

Overview Level 1

This ten month commitment (4--one week sessions with assignments in between) is offered for the purpose of expanding the much needed network of authentic Shamanic Practitioners in the world today.

“My wish is to pass on the necessary wisdom for others to be in service with the Blessing Way of the Shaman, to do all that is possible to alleviate suffering and move people out of crisis into empowerment.

“Receiving the teachings activates a lifetime commitment to do this work. This is not a workshop to try out something trendy or cool; it’s a lifestyle teaching.”

Taught in Sandra’s contemporary Hogan, this intimate setting with 6 students supports a one on one environment to learn Sandra’s unique steps for ultimately being present in ordinary and nonordinary reality at the same time while successfully executing the protocols of the healing techniques that separate Shamanic work from energy work and other healing modalities.

The apprentice will emerge on the other side of these teachings confident in their ability to call upon and work with the spirit helpers unique to their discoveries during the duration of the course. They will be prepared to build on the teachings to walk their own Blessing Way of the Shaman.

Certificate of Completion awarded. 

Level 2: Advanced Applications of Shamanic Pathways for graduates of Level 1 TBA.

Prayer/drum circle: every New Moon 6:30 to 8:00.

• Women's New Moon Prayer Drum Circle: FREE every month on the new moon at 6:30pm. I have drums if you need one! Newbies welcome! 

Please realize this is not an ecstatic drumming/dancing event. With reverence for the prayer, we gather in a seated circle on blankets (or chairs) and speak our prayers. We give offerings of tobacco and corn meal, use the smoke of sage, and open with a song honoring Grandmother/Grandfather Creator and the sacred directions. We use our rattles to evoke the compassionate spirits (ancestors, angels or?) to come and carry our prayers. We beat our drums in uninson as our heart beat, the heart beat of our Earth Mother, and the heart beat of the universe. It's a beautiful and transforming experience.

Email or call 575-779-4253 if you want to join us.

2018 New Moon schedule (based on Taos NM location):
January 17 \ February 15 \ March 17 \ April 15 \ May 15 \ June 13 

July 12 \ August 11 \ September 9 \ October 8 \ November 7 \ December 7

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