Apprenticeship for Shamanic Initiations and Pathways 

With approximately 250 hours of teachings, Sandra is offering Apprenticeship opportunities for the serious student. The teachings range from the basics of understanding shamanism, to learning many significant healing protocols of advanced methodologies that are unique to Sandra’s shamanic pathway.

With 20+ years of experience in facilitating healing ceremony, Sandra feels it is time to pass on her acquired knowledge to those with the integrity to honor and carry on the teachings integrating them into their own authentic shamanic pathway.

“Receiving the teachings activates a lifetime commitment to do this work. This is not a workshop to try out something trendy or cool; it’s a life way teaching.”

Sandra also makes it clear that her teachings are unlike Core Shamanism (though some terminology is shared), as they integrate techniques unique to her medicine bundle and her mode of facilitating healing during sacred ceremony. Realize however that her teachings fall short of transferring her relationships with the ancestral protocols that are unique to her medicine bundle. She will share all else that is necessary for each apprentice to invoke the opportunity to create their own unique relationships and understandings that parallel her pathway in doing this work.

The schedule of teachings will be established between Sandra and her student(s). Some students prefer to travel to NM and stay for a few days receiving the teachings in the Hogan where they can practice as well (a group of 2—4 is ideal). Others can’t travel as often, so teachings are done remotely one on one via FaceTime or other remote video connection. No pre-recorded video teachings. Not all teachings and practices can be remote, and no initiations are remote so eventually coming to NM is inevitable.    

The teachings are presented in an organized format from a curriculum Sandra wrote based on the journals of her initiations and teachings and understandings. Her students must take good notes as she shares the teachings, because for the most part there are no written handouts. All teachings are taught by a show and tell method. The groupings of teachings in her curriculum are done in 8 modules that create the pathway to completing the Apprenticeship experience. Payment for the teachings is paced with the curriculum modules. The teachings tend to take on their own organic flow, so honoring the student’s pace for understanding and completing the teachings of each module is important. >>read more

Program Testimonials
Sandra takes Ancient teachings and provides a real course of knowledge not only to help students absorb the information, but to live the information. Studying with her is like learning from Mother Earth herself – she is kind, warm, and grounded. She provides a safe and protected space to cultivate these teachings while keeping you accountable for your best work. (E. L. NY)

The spiritual growth I acquired during my Apprenticeship was phenomenal. Sandra’s ability to instill the Ancient teachings of Shamanism has become a transcendent journey for my soul. This experience has activated an awakening within my Shaman Self. Sandra’s wisdom, skill, and guidance must be regarded with cosmic compassion for she is one of the true keepers of Humanity’s Spiritual Life Line. I give great honor to All she is and everything she represents. Sandra, you’re truly a boundless blessing! Thank you for bringing an awareness to the power I held within me. (C.M.C. TX)