Dancing Bear Ranch is the home of Sandy and Bill Chestnutt, the place where Earth Walk Medicine operates, and where we ride and play with our horses, offer equine boarding to others, and where the competition size (100' x 200') outdoor arena is. 

Board your horse where they are part of the family!  Full Service Boarding—long or short term.

• indoor stalls (12' x 12') with mat floors and direct access runouts
• 12' x 36' runouts with direct turnout to the grazing field
• in-stall individual use water tanks --heated during winter
• in-barn secure tack room, and detached 900 bale hay barn
• 100' x 300' secure turn out


Full service includes daily mucking of stall and runout, horse turn out, blanketing/fly mask if requested, feed (premium quality grass hay  x2/day), storage and dispensing of tenant provided grains/nutrients, storage of tack/supplies, full use of the arena, round pen, direct -out of the gate- trail access, storage of horse trailer if single or double horse carrier only. Stall to stall lighting, outdoor light. Premises always tended and occupied by ranch owners. 

Regular scheduled Farrier and Vet services.

Residents may arrange to have lessons or get training with the trainers that come here. Trails are self guided.
Additional services available upon request. (grooming, ground work, in-saddle exercising, etc.)

Our stable is an intimate setting with a maximum of 6 horses, and with easy entrance and parking. 

Call Sandy or Bill at 575-776-8226 for more information.