Apprenticeship Information Continued… 

“Accepting someone to apprentice with me is a process through correspondence. Initially through email communication, I’m looking for that unique compelling story/experience that deepened that person’s knowing of this calling to this work…that distinguishing quality that speaks dedication and commitment to me. Unlike workshops where people come and go, this apprenticeship builds relationships for years to come.

Also, we all receive healing with this work, but this apprenticeship is not a self help program or a mode of group therapy to get resolution for psychological issues or other disorders.”

On completion of the teachings, the apprentice will emerge solid and well-practiced in facilitating healing ceremonies utilizing all they have learned “to be the hollow bones” to help and heal others. They will have confidence to build on the teachings to walk their own pathway of a shaman.

After completion of the Apprenticeship, a Certificate of Completion in Advanced Shamanic Initiations and Pathways is awarded to those who successfully demonstrate confidence in applying the teachings and communicate their understanding in a written exam. 

Email Sandra if you are interested.