shaman shandra's Story

There was once a time when the Original People walked in harmony with our Earth Mother maximizing the gift that is life! I believe that these First Peoples — the Compassionate Spirits, are still here with us endlessly offering spiritual medicines and solutions to everything; undetected by modern medicine or current problem-solving strategies. 

It is my honor, then, to live intimately with these Compassionate Ones in order to bring greater wholeness to our Mother Earth and all of her many children.


Integrity is the foundation for all of the work I do. I have had multiple teachers on this healing path enter my life for long periods of time. In the beginning years with my first mentor I was taught about the reality of Spirit Beings and learned to listen and communicate with whom I now know to be the Compassionate Ones. My current teacher and colleague, Rev. Shaman Sandra Chestnutt, has helped bring all my teachings full circle adding unique shamanic tools, techniques, and sacred protocols of the Medicine Path or Blessing Way that is now my life way. 

Born into violence and suffering, I’ve come to believe my shamanic path began at birth. Early on my medicine aligned strongly with the animal and plant people as I always found solace, comfort, and love in their presence. I spent many years of my childhood on a farm surrounded by sheep, goats, cows, horses, cats, dogs, wild birds, and many other wild creatures—fondly Snake. Through them I was provided an understanding about the true nature of love. 

True too, I always felt the ones who had passed, the people who came before me, were there watching over me and helping me to understand. Being very alone as a child, I developed a silent communication with everything, believing that everything held a spirit; a soul. 

As I began to seriously study spirituality and spiritual healing in my teens, the notion that we are souls temporarily inhabiting a body for life on Earth became a foundation for me. I realized that we humans in the state we are in today, often do not hold this awareness, neglecting a crucial part of who we are. The need to mend this fracture stood out to me. In hind sight this was my moment of understanding the need to heal the soul.  

In school, my senses became offended by the western view of mystical work and I left after three years moving out of state to be near the ocean. There I continued to experience profound awakenings with Spirit. These ‘awakenings’ were the most profound understandings in my becoming conscious of shamanic nature (which is oneness). 

Later I realized the dis-ease, the suffering, the illnesses, the violence I had endured throughout my childhood and young adulthood were initiations — questions posed to me at the deepest level of my being where I came face to face with my challenges, and where I was given the option to find the gifts; the teachings and understandings—or turn away and continue to suffer.  read more>  |  <<About