shamanic healing ceremonies

Ceremonies are In-Person or Distance and last about 2 hours. Time ranges are Mountain Time USA.

To schedule your ceremony call or text 575-779-4253, or email:

Thank you for your reciprocity. The following fees are per-person and include tax and processing fees.

Day Ceremonies start times 9am to 4pm
$115 ($105 plus tax). Cash, credit card or check
Evening Ceremonies start times 5pm to 7pm
$125 ($115 plus tax). Cash, credit card or check
Distance Healings during dream time: start times 9pm to Midnight
$275 ($250 plus tax). Prepay by credit card

Distance healing: Day or Evening start times as above must be a prepay by credit card via PayPal below.

In Person: Credit card payments accepted at time of appointment.
Pre-Pay with PayPal:

My Earth Walk is this Blessing Way. I trust those who can give back these amounts in reciprocity will, those who cannot will talk to me about what they can do.

The Shamanic healing techniques I utilize are imposed to encourage overall wellness and should not replace any mode of existing or suggested traditional medical treatment you may have been prescribed. Shamanic Healing is considered "Spiritual Healing" and is not a medical treatment. No remedies are prescribed. No guaranties of wellness are made.

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