shamanic healing ceremonies

Keeping in rhythm with the seasons, Earth Walk Medicine is open around the Spring Equinox and closes for the Winter in mid-November.

Ceremonies are In-Person or Distance and last about 2 hours. Times listed are Mountain Time USA.

To schedule your ceremony call or text 575-779-4253, or email.

In-Person Ceremony appointment times are Wednesdays through Sundays from 2p to 4p. 
If two people need to be seen the same day, a 2p to 5p time is available for back to back ceremony. Ceremony is not shared between people.
$120 per person ($107 plus tax/processing) 

Distance Ceremony appointments are as above but no offering for two people.
$120 per person ($107 plus tax/processing) and must be prepaid below.

Distance Ceremony evening appointments may be arranged starting at 7p.
Evenings: $132 ($117 plus tax/processing)
Dreamtime after midnight: $186 ($165 plus tax/processing) 

Thank you for your reciprocity.

In Person: Credit card payments accepted at time of appointment.
Pre-Pay with PayPal:

My Earth Walk is this Blessing Way. I trust those who can give back these amounts in reciprocity will, those who cannot will talk to me about what they can do.

The Shamanic healing techniques utilized are imposed to encourage overall wellness and should not replace any mode of existing or suggested traditional medical treatment you may have been prescribed. Shamanic Healing is considered "Spiritual Healing" and is not a medical treatment. No remedies are prescribed. No guaranties of wellness are made. If you are in a psychological crisis, suicidal, or wanting to hurt yourself or others, please seek help at your nearest ER. Shamanic healing is not therapy or a form of treatment for psychological disorders.

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