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Do You Suffer From Supernatural Illness?

Common symptoms of supernatural illness (spiritual illness):
• loss of energy and vitality
• anxiety, discomfort…chronic dis-ease
• lack of joy, feelings of worthlessness…total disconnect
• anger, despair…feeling powerless

Conditions that attract supernatural illness:
• trauma from injury, shock, violation, violence, betrayal, abandonment, grief
• anesthesia/surgery, coma, chronic illness
• addictions

What is supernatural illness? There are day-to-day illnesses treated by modern medicine through a variety of therapeutic choices such as psychological treatments, surgical treatments, chiropractic treatments, and prescription medication treatments, and the like. Then there are illnesses of supernatural origin that seem to be untouched by the remedies of modern medicine. These supernatural conditions (spiritual illnesses) produce high levels of anxiety and fear on such complex levels that modern medicine isn’t designed to penetrate. These spiritual illnesses wound our soul. 

Supernatural (spiritual) illness manifests from an intrusion to our body/mind/spirit at a time of vulnerability and creates emotional suffering and mysterious physical pain in our bodies. These intrusions are like parasites that feed on a person's despair draining them of essential vitality until they become weak, and over time very sick. Early warning symptoms can show up as drastic changes in behavior and attitude, fatigue, feelings of worthlessness, anger, despair, AND can shift a person from being empowered to powerless.

(Misguided spirits or harmful intrusions from sorcery or negligence (drug/alcohol abuse, etc.) are also causes of supernatural illness.)

What heals supernatural illness? Unlike modern medicine or the new-age ways of energy work, the ancient Blessing Ways of Shamanic Healing penetrate the complex levels of spiritual illness by using ritualistic techniques done in sacred ceremony. 

Sacred ceremony is a timeless container where one receives what they need facilitated by the use of sacred protocols, tools, and medicine ways of ancient traditions.

See About Shamanic Healing for more information.

Why see Shaman Sandra?  "I carry forward multi-generational experiences of initiations passed on to me that, with the highest integrity and authenticity, honor the sacred protocols, tools, and medicine ways that treat supernatural illness." read more | Make Appointment

What people are saying:

"I am completely better now. My thinking is clear and logical…I am no longer taking medicine to sleep, and the nightmares have gone completely."

"When I met Sandra my whole life was in turmoil…I felt confused, desperate and burnt out. [Seeing] Sandra turned out to be a life-changing experience."

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Earth Walk Medicine is located in a contemporary Hogan on the beautiful Hondo Mesa twenty minutes north of Taos, New Mexico. With views of the Rio Grandé Gorge cliffs, the Sangré de Cristo mountain range, and infinite landscapes of sage and piñon in between, this is a place where sunrises and sunsets are savory to the eyes, and double rainbows envelope us with their grander. Here, Horse People talk and play, Crow People sing and dance, and the Plant People find ease in the purity of existence. Cradled by Father Sky and Mother Earth, you can feel the spiritual connection welcoming you as the blessings of the compassionate spirits pour out upon you on arrival.

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