sandra's Story continued

In time, my desire to go deeper into studying shamanism brought me to participate in coursework including a three-year residential program with the Foundation of Shamanic Studies presenting many core ancient techniques—some which I have integrated into my healing practice.

Adding to my spiritual Earth Walk, I completed studies for ordainment as a Minister of Walking Prayer through the Center for Sacred Studies. The two year program prepared me to assist people spiritually in moving through the many transitions of life. I took to heart officiating beautiful ceremonies of welcoming newborns into our world, uniting lovers in marriage,  saying goodbye to those ready to pass on, and guiding people in their Earth Walk journey with spiritual counseling.

In October  2017, I founded an Apprenticeship Program for Shamanic Initiations and Pathways which is designed for the serious student who feels a strong calling to do this work. >>

I walk with humble gratitude for the opportunity to help all human beings walk in courage enabling each other’s ability to move out of crisis into empowerment. 

This Earth Walk is my ceremony. My heart speaks the language of my prayers. My mind follows. May the blessings pour out upon all of you—you are my Earth Walk Family.

Mitakuye Oyasin
Rev. Shaman Sandra


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