distance or remote healing

Distance Healing is ideal for a person who cannot travel here to Taos, or prefers, for whatever reason, not to be in direct contact during the healing ceremony.

A proxy element is placed on the healing blanket in the middle of the Hogan that represents your body/soul essence. All techniques that intuitively come forth during an in-person ceremony are applied to the proxy—including oils!

All this happens while you surrender to a restful place at your location where you can receive the healing medicine.

How can this be? you might ask. Shamans move with ease through space and time when in ceremony. The Center Poles of your location and mine bend together as one, so our spirit essences come together, allowing the healing medicine to move freely as needed.

A consultation prior to the ceremony, via email or phone is how we start this process. After the ceremony, I will email you information about the ceremony. Email communications are always welcome as a follow up too, as things come up over time that may be worthy of us chatting about!

Allow a couple of hours for your appointment time to experience this ceremony. Also, it is important to provide as much information as possible to insure the proper connection spiritually such as a photo (may be emailed), physical location (no PO Box), date of birth of person receiving healing, their full birth name, and the full name of their birth mother and her birth date if at all possible. Confidentiality is honored.

It is of the utmost importance to be lying down at rest, eyes closed (no reading, texting, surfing the internet, watching TV) during the designated time frame. No interruptions! Distance Healing is an intense, very powerful mode of infusing the healing medicine mystically through direct spiritual connection—soul to soul—between the shamanic practitioner, the compassionate spirits who work the healing medicine, and the client, so it's of urgent matter to be compliant with these instructions. Failure to do so will compromise the results of the ceremony.

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