healing supernatural illness continued

Supernatural (spiritual) illness manifests from an intrusion to our body/mind/spirit at a time of vulnerability and creates emotional suffering and mysterious physical pain in our bodies. These intrusions are like parasites that feed on a person's despair draining them of essential vitality until they become weak, and over time very sick. Early warning symptoms can show up as drastic changes in behavior and attitude, fatigue, feelings of worthlessness, anger, despair, AND can shift a person from being empowered to powerless.

(Misguided spirits or harmful intrusions from sorcery or negligence (drug/alcohol abuse, etc.) are also causes of supernatural illness.)

What heals supernatural illness? Unlike modern medicine or the new-age ways of energy work, the ancient Blessing Ways of Shamanic Healing penetrate the complex levels of spiritual illness by using ritualistic techniques done in sacred ceremony. 

Sacred ceremony is a timeless container where one receives what they need facilitated by the use of sacred protocols, tools, and medicine ways of ancient traditions.

Why see Shaman Sandra?  "I carry forward multi-generational experiences of initiations passed on to me that, with the highest integrity and authenticity, honor the sacred protocols, tools, and medicine ways that treat supernatural illness." 

If you are in a psychological crisis, suicidal, or wanting to hurt yourself or others, please seek help at your nearest ER. Shamanic healing is not therapy or a form of treatment for psychological disorders.


When I met Sandra my whole life was in a turmoil. Not being convinced about my work, about my relationship, about my place in life I felt  confused, desperate and burnt out. Looking for help I happened to stumble on Sandra and her shamanic practice, which turned out to be a life-changing experience. I found profound help with her healing treatments and teachings. She helped me to restore the strength to face my challenges in a new way and to move forward. I am still immensely grateful for Sandra's tenderness, love, and wisdom that guided me through this process.

•My healing ceremony with Sandra was an experience like none other! I've been to other energy healers; but never to a shaman. Sandra is an absolute source of authentic, positive energy. Her kindness, knowledge, and compassion are evident through and through. She helps you to tap into your inner Being, to experience your healing and empowerment.

From start to finish, she wasn't at all rushed and did an absolutely thorough job. I feel very honored to have found her.

I appreciated that she checked in with me the day following. If you are seeking to heal your soul and get back in touch with your heart, I highly recommend Sandra.