healing ceremony testimonials

In respect for complete privacy of my clients, it is agreed that no identifying information will be used for the following testimonials. Thank you for understanding. 

"I wanted to say to you that I am completely better now. My thinking is clear and logical. I have relaxed. I have been volunteering … My relationships are improving. I am no longer taking medicine to sleep and the nightmares have gone completely. My life makes sense again."


"…a dear friend of mine had a major stroke.  I was told that she was in the ICU in a coma.  

 "Immediately I had a very strong feeling to call my Shaman, Sandra Chestnutt, for help…

 "After Sandra did her ceremony she told me that [my friend] was fine.  She gave her information I wanted to share, and gave her comfort and love.  She also used [words] that very well described my old friend, and that it felt like she was held back somewhat.  [The words], would certainly be [my friend], and that gave me chills.

 "I called [about my friend] after hanging up with Sandra and she had come out of her coma … certain it happened after the shamanic intervention.

 "I am very impressed with Sandra Chestnutt's ability to quiet her being and be empty so that her Elders could come through and help."


 "Sandra is very professional.  I enjoyed my Soul Retrieval session very much... Through the constant chanting, drumming and rattling, I was able to let go of my mind and relax into a very safe place.

 "I would highly recommend Sandra Chestnutt to anyone who wants to experience the wisdom, lineage, and sacred space that she creates."


"My experience with Sandra Chestnutt was incredibly healing! I felt deeply relaxed during our session. I could feel burdens and blockages being pulled from my body and also could feel my energy centers being realigned. After the healing, I felt lighter, but also more fully myself. I found I could speak my mind with more clarity and felt more centered and grounded in difficult discussions."


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