clearing and blessing Ceremony

For home, office, farm, homestead and land.

Do you feel edgy, anxious, or uncomfortable in your home  and don't know why? Does going to the office make you cringe? Maybe a certain room gives you the willys?

Buildings and/or the land they are on can hold "ghost traces" of past experiences, or sometimes house a misguided spirit confused about where they should be. The negative effects of these intrusions change the energy flow around you interrupting your natural rhythm of peace and harmony. This in turn compromises the health and wellbeing of all residents, and even changes how others feel about entering the dwelling. 

This is a walking ceremony entering all areas of the structure and/or land to clear away ghost traces of the past, negative energies, and extract any unwelcome spirits or powers. Unlike most "clearings" where general smudging, chanting, and moving energy out through open windows etc., is done; this technique is tedious and cleanses the walls, surfaces and interior spaces (closets, drawers, cabnets/cupboards), electrical/water sources, decorative items, furniture pieces— it's sort of like a spiritual vaccuming plus the use of smudges and offerings and prayer.

This clearing results in a light feeling of ease and comfort in your domain. 

Base rate: $300  
Includes preparation and elements of use for doing the clearing; travel to Taos/Questa area; Arroyo Seco/Ski Valley area; Taos/Carson area; Taos/Tres Piedras area; and clearing of a dwelling of 4 rooms (example: 1 BR w/closet, 1 bathroom, hall closet, livingroom, coat closet, kitchen with small eating area). Or five acres of undeveloped land with easy access and terrain. (estimated house/land time 4 hour max)

$60 per hour thereafter.
—Cluttered homes/dense decor will certainly add more time.
—Large closets, cupboards, cabnets, etc. add to the time as well. 
—Additional rooms etc: bedrooms, dining room, great rooms, sunrooms, stand alone cabnets/closets/dressers/armours etc., kitchen pantry, laundry rooms, entry ways, mud rooms…also add time.

Additional fees:
Travel: add $60 travel time for Eagles Nest, Angel Fire, Dixon, Penasco, north-central Española.
Other areas, please ask me and we'll figure it out.

A Pre-Pay deposit may be required. 

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