intuitive spiritual guidance--talking circle

Our Divine source surrounds us and is a living part of us. Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, any religion or spiritual path—your sacred teachings have come to you just in the way they are supposed to for you to understand and apply the knowledge in a meaningful way for your earth walk. I honor and support your teachings and together we ask for the wisdom needed to help you move forward through whatever challenge or difficulty you are faced with.

Intuitive Spiritual Guidance Ceremony is a one on one private Talking Circle about understanding you, and supporting you with good listening and prayer, and creating love and harmony for you in whatever transition you are going through. It’s about uncovering faith and hope that may be misplaced but not lost. It’s about receiving heart to heart unconditional love to better you in your process. This is not psychotherapy, nor should it be substituted for psychotherapy.

An Elder, a Grandmother, a Daughter of the Earth, and having raised 5 children, I have received much wisdom from my life's transitions that have empowered a deep understanding for how to be present and supportive in helping others face challenges and difficulties in their life.

Though some spiritual guidance comes forth during shamanic healing sessions, appointments specific to receiving spiritual guidance are done in Sacred Space starting with the honoring of the Sacred Directions, prayer and other mystical elements, be it in person or via the phone. 

If you are in a psychological crisis, suicidal, or wanting to hurt yourself or others, please seek help at your nearest ER. Intuitive Spiritual Guidance is not therapy or a form of treatment for psychological disorders. 

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