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Sandy Chestnutt has helped me in a most significant, radical way. For much of my life I had struggled with fatigue, recurring ill health and discouragement, even recurrent bouts of depression.

Having been on a self-improvement and on a spiritual path for many years, I had tried a variety of ways and been to numerous practitioners seeking help and release. Despite all the efforts, it seemed like a relentless rubber band was in effect: I would get better, for a day or for a week, and then was snapped back to some form of ill health or another...

Recently a shamanic practitioner friend had recommended that I consult with Sandra Chestnutt, who is a very experienced shaman and a person of great integrity. I tuned in and felt very good about the perspective of meeting Sandy and felt that I could trust her expertise.

Once in Taos, receiving treatments, I was very impressed with Sandy's willingness to take the time needed, to discuss, to do the expert work, to go back and recheck and make sure that we covered everything. In this rushed world we live today, Sandy is an exception in that she gave me the full measure and to overflow!

I also found Sandy's expertise and effectiveness to be of the highest order. In my personal experience, having met many good healers, good people, with good intentions, Sandy stands out in her ability to create a real shift, a real change, to make a difference that lasts.

Ever since her sessions with me, in her amazing office, where I felt very comfortable, cared about and embraced, and which is truly a sacred holy space, I have noticed an improvement that keeps growing. Unlike other treatments that I had received which were nice, but typically with time their effects tended to wane, after the work that Sandy did, I continue to get better and stronger! This is truly amazing!

In short, I feel like a heavy lid has been lifted off of me! A dark load, a bind I simply couldn't throw off on my own. Sandy's work and that of her beautiful, expert spirit helpers, has gone to the very root of the problem and has removed it for good.

Every day now I marvel at my will to live, my restored happiness and my renewed capacity to do the tasks of the day with joy and lightness. I had practically forgotten what it is like to get up in the morning and look forward to the day ahead. This joy has now been restored to me. The burden is gone! I catch myself singing, having happy and positive thoughts, I am again able to relax and to look forward to life! This is nothing short of a miracle!

The total respect, the universal love, the honoring that I felt in Sandy's presence were also exceptional and must be mentioned.

Physically I am feeling more empowered to get through the day, and no doubt I am now well placed on the correct path to regain my health

Thank you Sandy! I feel very grateful to you, to your spirit helpers and to THE ONE in whom all this was and is possible.

These days so many people walk their earthly walk with burdens,  with injuries of all types, and like me, they may not know anymore where to turn. Many could no doubt use the help of that special expert to get them over the blockage, if they could find one...

I would like to recommend Sandy's shamanic expertise, her integrity and her skills in the highest way and with no hesitation.