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Divination Ceremony

Seeking Information

I work with the spirits of the rock people to seek information asked by my clients. Though some divination with the compassionate spirits takes place during shamanic healing work, a Divination Ceremony is dedicated for seeking information. A typical in person session results in a storytelling style of revelation. You must be a good listener. No recordings. Distance ceremonies are transcribed and sent via email.

The Rock People I work with are:
—Grandfather Rock who has been in my life for many years. One of my Shamanic initiations was to develop a relationship with him by carrying him 24/7 for one year. I slept with this rock, showered, ate meals--he went with me everywhere in my backpack and was present in all that I did. 

—Grandmother Rock who joined us later. She has a natural labyrinth as her seeing eye and communicates many levels of information spiritway and earthway.

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