Welcome. May the blessings pour out upon you.
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In Humble Gratitude...

Grandmother, Grandfather—Creator of All Things, Great Spirit that you are,

I pray in gratitude for being present this day.
I pray in gratitude for you holding my hand, and pulling me along when I can no longer walk on my own.
For your unconditional love infused in my breath, my blood, which trickles out of my heart in all that I do.
I pray in gratitude for The Blessing Way teachings that come to me in all forms of creation from all the sacred directions.
For opening my eyes and my heart to your loving Light in all nations, showing me we are all one heart and dance to the same drum.
For showing me the road home to you, the road back from whence I came.
May the compassionate spirits who carry the prayers bring forth upon us all your blessings, your miracles, that we may walk in your love, your peace, and your harmony.

Mitakuye Oyasin, (All my Relations)