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11/09/14: As a shamanic practitioner I was asked what I may have experienced, or may know about death. After much consideration on whether or not to share how I answered the inquiry, I have decided it is time to do so.

I know when I detach from my physical body for the last time, that my spirit essence, my soul being, which is more real than my manifested physical being, goes home from whence I came. This place is beyond where we can go or see in this creation of earth and sky. I have been there and returned. It is where the understanding of the Sacred Path or Red Road is infused into us on conception. It is where our teachings and experiences for our Earth Walk are defined. It is where we make soul agreements for the things we must experience in order to remember our understanding of the Sacred Path and transcend our simple soul being to the compassionate soul beings that are the magnificent perfect ones of Creator itself. The compassionate ones understand our suffering, they have pity on us and help those of us still in the manifestation phase of our soul's transcendence. Eventually, we become old souls (literally) making our final journey home (literally) where we join the other compassionate soul beings to help the simple soul beings on their Earth Walk. Transcended, no longer do we continue manifesting a physical being. The Milky Way is the bridge between the road home and the road that returns here to manifest a physical being once again. As my Indian relatives would say, the Red Road takes you across the Milky Way home, the Black Road returns you here until you can walk the Red Road.

This what I know and what I can share with you at this time.



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