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About Shamanic Healing

Ceremonies are done in a contemporary Hogan (octagonal lodge), to help alleviate suffering from the effects of spiritual illness. It is a peaceful and gentle hands-on technique of removing (extracting) intrusions and filling/infusing back the Sacred Medicine (spiritual medicine) that restores vitality. Using ritual that invites collaboration with the compassionate ancestors of the spirit realm, sacred protocols, tools and medicine ways of ancient traditions are used.

This experience happens as one is immersed into the healing ceremony, wrapped in the womb of the Hogan surrounded by the compassionate spirits of our ancestors who love and walk with us. 

Trauma (from injury, shock, violation, betrayal, abandonment, grief…), stress (from relationships, job, PTSD…), even recovery (from addiction, surgery, trauma, divorce…) — are the common ingredients to spiritual illness/emotional pain. The reactions to these experiences are stored in us and over time, erode and sometimes fracture the layers of our soul. This damage interrupts the fundamental ability to function with joy and ease. Shamanic healing literally removes the debris of erosion, repairs the fractures, and mends the soul. In turn, emotional pain/spiritual illness and related physical pain is alleviated. 

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Ceremonies are offered here In-Person, or done as a Distance Healing for those who cannot travel for an In-Person session. Ceremonies last 1 1/2 to 3 hours. It is recommended to come three times consecutively at first (a week or so apart), then once a month or so to maintain our progress. 

Without getting into the science too much of our bodies, we are each our own ecosystem producing, emitting and receiving energy in all forms. We can hold our energy (power-full), and we can discharge our energy (power-less). You know you are power-full when you are in balance mentally, physically and spiritually. You know you are power-less when you are cloudy in thought, physically ill and spiritually void. Most of us flux in-between power-full and power-less, but with all that goes on in our lives, we can’t stay power-full. Consistent shamanic tune-ups even that ebb and flow between power-full and power-less reducing the opportunity for supernatural/spiritual dis-ease to set in. 

Typical Techniques experienced in a ceremony.

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Special Shamanic Ceremonies

The Shamanic healing techniques I utilize are imposed to encourage overall wellness and should not replace any mode of existing or suggested traditional medical treatment you may have been prescribed. Shamanic Healing is considered "Spiritual Healing" and is not a medical treatment. No remedies are prescribed. No guaranties of wellness are made.