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Shamanic Healing Techniques

The techniques that I use are done in combination randomly occurring as the compassionate spirits direct me to. Some techniques are listed below, but realize that I use many other techniques that weave their way in and out as well that I am not able to share.

Power Animal Retrieval - From a shamanic perspective, I believe that everyone has a power animal in spirit/energy form that resides in them as a soul mate adding to their personal power and protecting them from illness. The animal lends you the wisdom of its kind. Everyone is born with a power animal, as it is thought that an individual could not survive childhood otherwise. If a power animal leaves and is not replaced, the individual is considered, by the shaman, to be dis-empowered and therefore vulnerable to illness and bad luck. 

Most of us have just lost the ability to relate to our power animals and so they remain hidden, distant, or actually leave. A power animal retrieval can reunite a person with their power animal bringing that person more vitality and protection. 

Soul Retrieval -Sometimes when we experience trauma or pain in our lives, we may feel that we have lost a part of ourselves in the experience. From a shamanic perspective this is because part of our vital essence or soul, has left the body at the moment of traumatic impact- be it verbal or physical abuse, an injury, surgery, or fright- in order to keep the person from experiencing the full impact of that pain. It is a protection mechanism.

These soul parts can frequently get lost in other realities leaving the person feeling disconnected or depleted. They might set up destructive habits in their lives to try to fill this void, or they may not be living life to their fullest potential. In a soul retrieval, I travel to the spirit world to search for and bring back the missing soul part(s). Often these soul parts are lost during childhood when the child is not fully able to protect themselves from life’s dangers. A soul retrieval can have a profound effect on a person’s well being, bringing back lost abilities, and characteristics that the person needs to live a full life.

Special note regarding Coma patients: Coma patients often have had a large loss of their soul with just enough remaining to keep them alive, but without consciousness. These vital essences are either lost and cannot find their way back to the body, or are still deciding IF they want to return to the body, or go on to their spiritual home through physical death. This coma state can continue for weeks, months and sometimes years because time is not linear in the spiritual world. A soul essence that has been outside the body might believe only a few moments have passed since the trauma that cause it to flee, when in the physical reality it has been months or years.

With Soul Retrieval, it is possible to find these soul essences (parts) and communicate to them what happened and that it's safe to return to the body and wake up. If they wish to return, I guide them back to the physical body and healing will begin.

Extraction Healing -Your physical body can hold "ghost traces" of illnesses thought recovered from, that can reappear. This resonance (the lowest energy molecules) from a bacterial or viral illness leaves behind an electromagnetic signature of the DNA that hides from detection and medical cures waiting in silence to be charged back to life. When the body becomes power-less again, the illness becomes power-full. Through the guidance of the compassionate spirits who love you, I do an extraction by pulling the "ghost traces" of energy from the person's body, and neutralizing it. The void is then filled as to not leave it vulnerable for a new intrusion.

Just as your physical body can have an intrusion, your spiritual body may also take on an intrusion. Spiritual illness can sometimes manifest itself as an intrusion to our body/mind/spirit that can create blockages and pain in our bodies. As above, the illness is extracted from the client’s body freeing the client to move faster in the direction of wholeness and wellness.

Sometimes what appears to be an intrusion is actually a misguided spirit attached to the human body. These are spirits that 'attach' themselves to the human aura, because they are too weak to incarnate on their own. These spirits are like parasites draining the person of essential vitality until they become weak, and over time very sick. This can show up as drastic changes in behavior and attitude too. Here the spirit is extracted and guided to it's spiritual home.

Another intrusion dealt with on a shamanic level is a harmful intrusion directly or indirectly put upon a person through sorcery or negligence. Certain protocols are in place to clear and disable these intrusions. Please, if you suspect such an intrusion, be honest about presenting this to me so proper protocol is followed from the start of your visit.

(Misguided spirit or harmful intrusion from sorcery or negligence extraction is done in-person. Please do not book a Distance Healing for these situations.)

Energy Healing -Once a traditional Level II Reiki practitioner, through my shamanic work I have been guided to adapt the technique to include 9 power centers in our body and other connectors. It's a unique healing experience.

This mode of energy healing works on the body, mind, emotional and spiritual levels. It releases blocked energy, promotes relaxation and reduces stress. It is believed that Reiki itself has an innate intelligence and goes wherever needed in the body, but with the additional push from the compassionate healing spirits I work with and by addressing the many other power centers I've been shown, the body begins to cleanse itself of toxins, emotional blocks are released, and trauma can be healed.


Tuvan Healing Drum -During my three year residential program with the Foundation of Shamanic Studies, we were introduced to many indigenous practices including Tuvan Shamanic practices from the Central Asian republic of Tuva. The Tuvan history dates back to the Old Stone Age presenting many unique techniques, one of which is the Healing Drum. Through the call of Healing Spirits, the healing occurs with the pulse of the drum done in a certain manner as I "dance" around the client. (ear plugs optional)

Shamans and Spirits A significant part of Tuvan respect for nature is expressed through shamanic traditions. All of nature is considered sacred, the fabric of their world view being woven in the sacred thread of their myths. Here, features of the landscape and the creatures inhabiting it are settings and characters in great stories that describe and explain the world. Principal places and characters of this mythic and natural world are Tuva's nine sacred springs, nine sacred mountains, and nine sacred celestial objects; the Sun, Moon and seven stars of the "Great Bear" (the Big Dipper). There are dragons in the sky, sirens who inhabit the steppe, and a sacred flower that has the power to hold strangers together in marriage. Each place in nature has its special spiritual inhabitants. This spiritual aspect of nature is equally as important to Tuvans as are physical attributes. It requires attention from people who are sensitive to, and trained in, relating to this side of nature. These people are the shamans.•

*"Shamans and Spirits" are from the article: Tuva, Land of Eagles—The Foundation's 1993 Expedition to Tuva By Bill Brunton © Shamanism, Spring 1994, Vol. 7, No. 1

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