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In respect for complete privacy of my clients, it is agreed that no identifying information will be used for the following testimonials. Thank you for understanding.

"I wanted to say to you that I am completely better now. My thinking is clear and logical. I have relaxed. I have been volunteering … My relationships are improving. I am no longer taking medicine to sleep and the nightmares have gone completely. My life makes sense again."


"…a dear friend of mine had a major stroke.  I was told that she was in the ICU in a coma.  

 "Immediately I had a very strong feeling to call my Shaman, Sandra Chestnutt, for help…

 "After Sandra did her ceremony she told me that [my friend] was fine.  She gave her information I wanted to share, and gave her comfort and love.  She also used [words] that very well described my old friend, and that it felt like she was held back somewhat.  [The words], would certainly be [my friend], and that gave me chills.

 "I called [about my friend] after hanging up with Sandra and she had come out of her coma … certain it happened after the shamanic intervention.

 "I am very impressed with Sandra Chestnutt's ability to quiet her being and be empty so that her Elders could come through and help."


 "Sandra is very professional.  I enjoyed my Soul Retrieval session very much... Through the constant chanting, drumming and rattling, I was able to let go of my mind and relax into a very safe place.

 "I would highly recommend Sandra Chestnutt to anyone who wants to experience the wisdom, lineage, and sacred space that she creates."


"My experience with Sandra Chestnutt was incredibly healing! I felt deeply relaxed during our session. I could feel burdens and blockages being pulled from my body and also could feel my energy centers being realigned. After the healing, I felt lighter, but also more fully myself. I found I could speak my mind with more clarity and felt more centered and grounded in difficult discussions."


"I felt immediately upon entering your space that I was in good hands. You truly created a sacred space in which I felt relaxation and trust. I have worked with ritual extensively and know that when a ritual is done "right" it can be a powerful vehicle for intention. I felt that you performed your ritual with great certainty and allowed the intent to move freely without personally getting in the way of the flow of spirit. Because of that I felt that what I needed spiritually, I received with great clarity. I am still integrating my experience and it meets, like beads on a strand of deep purpose, previous shamanic experiences I've received."


"I just had my second healing session with Sandra and I always feel amazing. I feel more connected with my inner self, more at peace with things going on around me and things to come. I feel one with the earth and all its creatures which is the way I like it!

"We sit and talk first about things I have going on and figure out together what it is I think I need at the time...emotionally and physically. She is so authentic, it feels like talking to an old friend. Very comforting.

"So many different things happen during the session...getting rid of all the "sludge" that I don't need…getting my energy flowing smoothly again. I could go on and on but I think you need to experience it for yourself.

"It makes me feel so good to know that I am doing something great for my mind and body. I feel like I can conquer the world after the session. I drive nine hours to see her and stay a couple of extra days to relax. Already I am planning my next visit, I call it my "new perspective" trip. Everyone needs a new perspective now and then! Thank you Sandra!"


"...I found...Sandy's expertise and effectiveness to be of the highest order. In my personal experience, having met many good healers, good people, with good intentions, Sandy stands out in her ability to create a real shift, a real change, to make a difference that lasts.

"Ever since her sessions with me … I have noticed an improvement that keeps growing. Unlike other treatments that I had received which were nice, but typically with time their effects tended to wane, after the work that Sandy did, I continue to get better and stronger! This is truly amazing!

"In short, I feel like a heavy lid has been lifted off of me! A dark load, a bind I simply couldn't throw off on my own. Sandy's work and that of her beautiful, expert spirit helpers, has gone to the very root of the problem and has removed it for good.

"Every day now I marvel at my will to live, my restored happiness and my renewed capacity to do the tasks of the day with joy and lightness. I had practically forgotten what it is like to get up in the morning and look forward to the day ahead. This joy has now been restored to me. The burden is gone! I catch myself singing, having happy and positive thoughts, I am again able to relax and to look forward to life! This is nothing short of a miracle!..."


"I am pleased to say that my shamanic healing session was the first offered by Sandra via Skype! [Spiritual Bridge Healing Via Skype] I had been to her in-person, but living out of state, wanted to have a follow up session. Even though we were 1500 miles apart, she created an atmosphere that made it felt like I was right back with her in her studio in Taos. The Skype shamanic session was conducted in the same way that she did my session in-person, with care and preparation. Sandra created a sacred space through our technological set up, and conducted a healing ceremony that was powerfully and authentically connective. I am appreciative that in the absence of being able to travel to Taos, that we can connect in this way. Thank you!"


"Sandra, thank you so much for working with me yesterday. Until my session with you, I never believed that distant healing could be so powerful, it was truly amazing. I felt the energy going through my body right where I needed it. I can't thank you enough for helping me."


"When I met Sandra my whole life was in a turmoil. Not being convinced about my work, about my relationship, about my place in life I felt  confused, desperate and burnt out. Looking for help I happened to stumble on Sandra and her shamanic practice, which turned out to be a life-changing experience. I found profound help with her healing treatments and teachings. She helped me to restore the strength to face my challenges in a new way and to move forward. I am still immensely grateful for Sandra's tenderness, love, and wisdom that guided me through this process."


"It had been a very difficult year for me, with many losses and much stress. After yet another loss, I was experiencing a lot of grief and feeling lost, not able to get back my energy and enthusiasm for my work and day to day life. I also was feeling much anxiety about the future. I contacted Sandra and asked her for prayers and guidance.

"I had never experienced a shamanic healing session, but trusted Sandra when I was feeling especially vulnerable. Through prayers, ceremony, and identifying my power animal, a special kind of healing occurred. Since the session, I have felt calmer, more centered, at peace. I feel lighter in my body, mind and spirit. I can acknowledge my grief process, but it no longer is overwhelming to me. I feel like I am coming back to myself. I’m able to appreciate being in the present moment and enjoy the beauty that surrounds me. The future is not so scary now! Thank you, Sandra."


"My healing experience with Sandra exceeds description. Things long lost were restored and it is my hope that many others will seek and have the opportunity for healing as well. I feel blessed to have had this experience in my life and to have found such a wonderful practitioner. Sandra is truly a unique, gentle, and powerful individual with high understanding and respect for people, nature, and practice."


"My healing ceremony with Sandra was an experience like none other! I've been to other energy healers; but never to a shaman. Sandra's website was informative and helped set the stage on what to expect, and then upon meeting Sandra, she was thorough in explaining the ceremony and her process.

"From the moment I received my first email from her, to talking on the phone as I arrived, to meeting her in person, Sandra made me feel at peace and ease with her gentle nature.

"As we sat and began the ceremony, I immediately felt comfortable and that I could easily get into a place of allowing for the healing process.

"Sandra is an absolute source of authentic, positive energy. Her kindness, knowledge, and compassion are evident through and through. She helps you to tap into your inner Being, to experience your healing and empowerment.

"From start to finish, she wasn't at all rushed and did an absolutely thorough job. I feel very honored to have found her.

"I appreciated that she checked in with me the day following. If you are seeking to heal your soul and get back in touch with your heart, I highly recommend Sandra."