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workshop: In Sacred Balance…In Sacred Silence

Earth Walk Medicine

workshop: In Sacred Balance…In Sacred Silence

$ 175.00

Rev. Shaman Sandra Chestnutt presents In Sacred Balance… In Sacred Silence

If you are interested in participating in this workshop, please email me to be put on the list: sandychestnutt@gmail.com

A woman’s workshop to restore harmonic balance by clearing deep seeded emotional trauma through the application of plant medicine (essential oils), silence, meditation, shamanic healing, and journaling. This is a sisterhood gathering to support personal journeys of the heart and soul to free oneself of the emotional residue from feelings of anger, fear, grief, hate, resentment…the emotional reactions that disrupt our ability to move out of crisis into empowerment. Emotional response to trauma gets stored in our cells, like a dark sludge, disrupting the healthy frequency of wellbeing. From a shamanic perspective, these traumas injure the emotional aspect of Self, and fracture the soul. The eight interactive stages in this workshop are designed to restore the harmonic balance disrupted by emotional residue so one can begin to heal and move forward.


 575-779-4253 • sandychestnutt@gmail.com

$175 per person includes snacks, coffee/tea/water Friday evening, and breakfast, lunch, coffee/tea/water on Saturday. You will be provided with the plant medicine (essential oils—topical use only) necessary to move through the eight interactive stages.

Schedule: Friday evening we circle up to open sacred space, get acquainted, set our intentions in a welcoming and grateful way, and ease into silence as we experience the first stage of restoring harmonic balance. Leaving in silence, we return the next morning in silence…

Saturday, we start the morning by quietly nourishing ourselves with a light breakfast before continuing the unfoldment of restoring our harmonic balance. As we move through the seven remaining stages, we enjoy a quiet lunch break midway. The day concludes with a talking circle where we break our silence to share experiences before closing circle and adjourning, clear, fully present and balanced—standing empowered in our wellbeing.

What to bring: Dress in comfort to create ease in applying essential oils to specific areas of your body. Slip-on shoes/sandals/or slippers—recommended for easy access to your feet. Bring a journal for writing your experiences. Bring a hand towel just in case, and a light weight blanket, shawl or throw. Feel free to bring your own meditation cushion or mat if you have them.

Sandra Chestnutt at 575-779-4253 • sandychestnutt@gmail.com

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