Psychopomp: means "soul conductor."

Psychopomp 1: is when the shaman waits with and comforts the soul of a person who is dying and guides them across at the moment of death. Done in person at bedside.

Psychopomp 2: is when the shaman searchs for the soul to guide them "home" after death. Sometimes when death occurs, the soul is caught unprepared and may not remember where its spiritual home is and needs encouragement to remember and move on.

Psychopomp is not the same work as psychic work, where one is communicating with the spirits to figure out what's troubling them, or why they can't move on. With psychopomp work, the shaman journeys into the spirit realms to assist those who are crossing over or who may be lost or trapped for whatever reason, and guides them to their spiritual home. Sometimes some communication occurs and such information is passed on if the one moving on gives permission to the shaman to do so.

Simply speaking, when the soul cannot continue the journey on its own after physical death, psychopomp work is needed. 

Done Postmortum (remotely).

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