Helping people for over two decades, my Earth Walk  is rooted in multilevel disciplines passed on to me with authority to honor the methodology of the sacred protocols, tools, and medicine ways of treating spiritual illness that in turn, when done honoring the strict covenant of the sacred manner of which I was shown, profoundly resonates healing on those multilevel frequencies moving through the circles of time and creation—through every sentient being.

Born of English-Hopi ancestry, my adoptive father (RIP) taught me that all nature is sacred. Earth is our mother, nature is our church.

Though my childhood visits to Hopiland ended preadolescence, my connection to the many blessing way teachings of my native ancestors continued to influence me on and off through my adult life until one day I was called upon to honor my roots. That calling came through the disguise of a string of debilitating supernatural illnesses I could not recover from (chronic fatigue syndrome followed by Fibromyalgia, entangled with debilitating stroke-like TIAs—trans-ischemic attacks, and migraines in a soup of deep depression), where I ended up seeking doctoring by the wise ways and life ways of a Lakota Medicine Woman and American-Tibetan Shaman that lived in my region at the time. Those relatives in turn rekindled by ancestral agreements with Hopi. 
(I am not a federally recognized Native American.)  

During my time of doctoring (by which I was healed of all suffering related to the conditions that ailed me), some of my life experiences were acknowledged as significant initiations for walking The Blessing Way, and agreements were made for me to receive many more teachings. Since then, I’ve integrated those teachings with understandings from my Hopi ancestry, and teachings from other medicine people and elders who have walked with me. I have been gifted many sacred tools with the authority to practice the protocols that come with those responsibilities. read more>


shaman sandra's Story