healing supernatural illness with shamanic intervention

What is supernatural illness? There are day-to-day illnesses treated by modern medicine through a variety of therapeutic choices such as psychological treatments, surgical treatments, chiropractic treatments, and prescription medication treatments, and the like. Then there are illnesses of supernatural origin that seem to be untouched by the remedies of modern medicine. These supernatural conditions (spiritual illnesses) produce high levels of anxiety and fear on such complex levels that modern medicine isn’t designed to penetrate. These spiritual illnesses wound our soul.  read more>


  • Trauma from injury, shock, violation, violence, betrayal, abandonment, grief
  • Anesthesia/surgery, coma, chronic illness, and addictions
  • Loss of energy and vitality


  • Anxiety, discomfort
  • chronic dis-ease
  • Lack of joy, feelings of worthlessness…total disconnect
  • Anger, despair…feeling powerless

Ceremonies are done in a contemporary Hogan.
It is a peaceful and gentle hands-on technique of removing (extracting) intrusions and filling/infusing back the Sacred Medicine (spiritual medicine) that restores vitality. Using ritual that invites collaboration with the compassionate ancestors of the spirit realm, sacred protocols, tools and medicine ways of ancient traditions are used.

This experience happens as one is immersed into the healing ceremony, wrapped in the womb of the Hogan surrounded by the compassionate spirits of our ancestors who love and walk with us.