techniques continued

Extraction Healing - From a Shamanic perspective, the physical body can hold the power of an illness or emotional trauma thought recovered from during a period of vitality and wellbeing. This power is like a ghost trace that lingers on a cellular level rooted to the soul after the organic form is long gone. This biproduct from dis-ease, which I call sludge, is a silent intrusion that hides from detection waiting to be charged back to life when the body becomes vulnerable again resulting in a person staying at some level of suffering in mystery as to what’s wrong with them. 

With Extraction, this lingering biproduct is rendered powerless which neutralizes it so it can be pulled out whereby the void is then filled as to not leave the body/soul vulnerable for a new intrusion.

Sometimes what appears to be an intrusion is actually a misguided spirit rooted into a person. These are spirits that 'attach' themselves to human energy because they are too weak to incarnate on their own. These spirits are like parasites draining the person of essential vitality until they become weak, and over time very sick. This can show up as drastic changes in behavior and attitude too. Here the spirit is extracted and guided to it's spiritual home.

Another intrusion dealt with on a shamanic level is a harmful intrusion directly or indirectly put upon a person through sorcery or negligence. Certain protocols are in place to clear and disable these intrusions. Please, if you suspect such an intrusion, be honest about presenting this to me so proper protocol is followed from the start of your visit. I am not a psychic, so don't wait to see if I can detect it please. Only in ceremony do these things show themselves.

(Extraction of misguided spirits or harmful intrusions from sorcery or negligence are done in-person. Please do not book a Distance Healing for these situations.)



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