SOME techniques experienced in ceremony

Shamanic intervention works with the power, not energy of illness. Power is a force that is absolute and has substance. Energy is motion that goes around things but does not have substance. 

The energy of wind creates motion. The power of wind is the force of destruction. As it is with illness and trauma. 

A Shaman receives Power that they use to render the power of dis-ease powerless. They then extract the substance rendered powerless out of the body to stop the suffering and start the healing. In comparison, energy healers do not receive energy, they reallocate energy that is already there moving it to where it is better needed to create the healing condition necessary for one to heal. 

In addition to Extraction, below are a couple more commonly known techniques I am willing to talk about that are done in combination randomly occurring as the compassionate spirits direct me to do while in ceremony. Realize that there are many other proprietary techniques that weave their way in and out that I am not going to explain as doing so compromises the power of its medicine. You can only experience it. 

Power Animal Retrieval - From a shamanic perspective, I believe that everyone has a power animal in spirit/energy form that resides in them as a soul mate adding to their personal power and protecting them from illness. The animal lends you the wisdom of its kind. Everyone is born with a power animal, as it is thought that an individual could not survive childhood otherwise. If a power animal leaves and is not replaced, the individual is considered, by the shaman, to be dis-empowered and therefore vulnerable to illness and bad luck. 

Most of us have just lost the ability to relate to our power animals and so they remain hidden, distant, or actually leave. A power animal retrieval can reunite a person with their power animal bringing that person more vitality and protection. 

Soul Retrieval -Sometimes when we experience trauma or pain in our lives, we may feel that we have lost a part of ourselves in the experience. From a shamanic perspective this is because part of our vital essence or soul, has left the body at the moment of traumatic impact- be it verbal or physical abuse, an injury, surgery, or fright- in order to keep the person from experiencing the full impact of that pain. It is a protection mechanism.

These soul parts can frequently get lost in other realities leaving the person feeling disconnected or depleted. They might set up destructive habits in their lives to try to fill this void, or they may not be living life to their fullest potential. In a soul retrieval, I travel to the spirit world to search for and bring back the missing soul part(s). Often these soul parts are lost during childhood when the child is not fully able to protect themselves from life’s dangers. A soul retrieval can have a profound effect on a person’s well being, bringing back lost abilities, and characteristics that the person needs to live a full life.

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