testimonials continued (4)

"It had been a very difficult year for me, with many losses and much stress. After yet another loss, I was experiencing a lot of grief and feeling lost, not able to get back my energy and enthusiasm for my work and day to day life. I also was feeling much anxiety about the future. I contacted Sandra and asked her for prayers and guidance.

"I had never experienced a shamanic healing session, but trusted Sandra when I was feeling especially vulnerable. Through prayers, ceremony, and identifying my power animal, a special kind of healing occurred. Since the session, I have felt calmer, more centered, at peace. I feel lighter in my body, mind and spirit. I can acknowledge my grief process, but it no longer is overwhelming to me. I feel like I am coming back to myself. I’m able to appreciate being in the present moment and enjoy the beauty that surrounds me. The future is not so scary now! Thank you, Sandra."


"My healing experience with Sandra exceeds description. Things long lost were restored and it is my hope that many others will seek and have the opportunity for healing as well. I feel blessed to have had this experience in my life and to have found such a wonderful practitioner. Sandra is truly a unique, gentle, and powerful individual with high understanding and respect for people, nature, and practice."



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