weddings, commitment, or vow renewal ceremonies 

As a Minister of Walking Prayer—Center for Sacred Studies, part of my ministerial studies prepared me to officiate beautiful ceremonies of uniting lovers in marriage.

Honoring my lifeway, I officiate what I call Earth Way Ceremonies unique in the spirit of Mother Earth and Father Sky beginning with an honor song for the sacred directions, smudging with the smoke of sage, and giving offerings of tobacco and corn. The ceremonies I write are created specifically for each couple being sensitive to what is important to you, seamlessly blending your vows and suggestions with the gentle Earth Way offerings mentioned above.

Whether you have a beautiful place picked out in nature, a cozy spot in a private location, or wish to experience your ceremony in the Earth Walk Medicine Hogan, the choices in the Taos area are plentiful.

These ceremonies are for couples seeking a unique, sincere, simple way to honor their love for one another without the pageantry of a traditional wedding. No rehearsals are needed. All beliefs and lifestyles welcome.

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• We often talk about being connected to the energy of the universe, and we think your ceremony brought the spirits into our hearts…thank you for opening the door so we might begin our journey.

• Thank you for making our wedding ceremony so memorable. Your attention to detail made every second meaningful. Thank you for being part of our special day.