Shamanic journeys for coma patients

Shamanic Journey for coma patients: Sometimes a person in a coma can be reached in the Dreamtime to check in on them. Depending on their brain function and many other factors, it is possible to communicate with them. Once the connection happens, proper permission is asked of the patient for the shaman to be present and check in. There are times when the patient does not want to be disturbed, however, more times than not, they welcome the visit. Done remotely.

Special note regarding Soul Retrieval and Coma Patients. 

Coma patients often have had a large loss of their soul with just enough remaining to keep them alive, but without consciousness. These vital essences are either lost and cannot find their way back to the body, or are still deciding IF they want to return to the body, or go on to their spiritual home through physical death. This coma state can continue for weeks, months and sometimes years because time is not linear in the spiritual world. A soul essence that has been outside the body might believe only a few moments have passed since the trauma that cause it to flee, when in the physical reality it has been months or years.

With Soul Retrieval, it is possible to find these soul essences (parts) and communicate to them what happened and that it's safe to return to the body and wake up. If they wish to return, I guide them back to the physical body and healing will begin.

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