special ceremonies

Intuitive Spiritual Guidance Talking Circle-private (1 or 2 hour sessions): 
In Person $65/1 hour, $120/2 hour. Cash, credit card or check | *By phone same fee prepaid by credit card 
•  De-possession protocol In-person Pre-paid $300 cash (no distance)
•  Psychopomp-Postmortem Done remotely. *$120 prepaid by credit card with email report of findings
•  Shamanic Journey arranged by family or friend for coma patients: 
Done remotely. *$120 prepaid by credit card with email report of findings

Above fees include tax and processing
At-Time-of-Service Credit Card payments may be done in person
*Pre-Pay at PayPal: paypal.me/ShamanSandra

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Keeping in rhythm with the seasons, Earth Walk Medicine is open around the Spring Equinox and closes for the Winter in mid-November.