Special ceremonies

No In-Person until further notice -- all done remotely

Journeys for Knowledge with an emailed written report. 

Prepaid Venmo or PayPal: $84 ($75 + tax and processing)

Entering Sacred Space, information you need to know is communicated to me from the compassionate spirits I work with in regards to questions and concerns you share with me via an email or text message. No appointment is needed for this as the journey is done using a different protocal than a healing ceremony. A transcription of what's communicated is sent to you (the client). In some cases the audio may be sent. There are no guarantees that what is told to you is what you want or expect to hear. As humans we really don't know what we need, therefore what information spirit has for you must be accepeted as what you need to know at the time of the journey.

Intuitive Spiritual Guidance 
--In-person private Talking Circle 1hour sessions:  11 to 12, or 1 to 2, Wednesdays 
Cash in person: $75
--PHONE APPOINTMENTS: 1 hour sessons: 11 to 12, or 1 to 2, Wednesdays
Prepaid Venmo or PayPal: $84 ($75 + tax and processing)

•  De-possession protocol In-person Pre-paid $500 cash (no distance) NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME 
•  Psychopomp-Postmortem Done remotely. Prepaid: $150 (includes tax/processing) with email report of findings
•  Shamanic Journey for coma patients arranged by family or friend: 
Done remotely. Prepaid: $150 (includes tax/processing) with email report of findings 

Thank you for your reciprocity. Please DO NOT make your payment until you have booked your appointment. 


Venmo payments at: Sandy Chestnutt @Sandy-Chestnutt
PayPal payments at: paypal.me/ShamanSandra

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